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News site exposes pro-Sharia law Republicans

Republicans named as sympathetic to Sharia Law in the U.S.
Republicans named as sympathetic to Sharia Law in the U.S.

While many thought some Democrats would let Sharia Law take effect in the United States, the news site Western Journalism reports there are some Republicans that agree with them also. The site ran a story last night titled “Explaining Sharia Law: Sharia's Repubican Supporters” with the sub-title “These are the Sharia Law supporters we can no longer call friends.”

The Western Journalism article explains, “We have come to expect treachery from the Democrat wing of the Uniparty. After all, they are politically soulless creatures with a long history of hatred for America. They will side with anyone against our country for thirty pieces of silver.”

The story also documented how Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann exposed the Sharia Law-based Muslim Brotherhood for supporting Islamo-fascist terrorism and demanded they be labeled correctly as a terrorism organization. Many establishment-oriented Republicans came to the defense of the Muslim Brotherhood and oppose Bachmann.

“Recent events in Egypt make it abundantly clear that those who know the face of terror intimately have no trouble calling the Muslim Brotherhood a terror sect. Bachmann’s bill would have defunded and de-sanctioned and de-legitimized the Brotherhood in America. But that would have caused a problem for the Uniparty. After all, the Muslim Brotherhood is already in the White House, working as advisers to Barack Obama,” Western Journalism reported.

Western Journalism named the following Republican members of Congress as being friends of Sharia Law: Senator John McCain of Arizona, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio, and Congressman Mike Rogers of Michigan. With friends like that in Congress, the American people don't need any more enemies within the ranks of Congress.