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News or ruse?

Death of the Mainstream Media
Death of the Mainstream Media
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The year of 2013 has expired and so has mainstream media’s stranglehold on the low information crowd; well only for a moment. This slowdown is a temporary phenomenon that occurs around this time when all the news outlets mash-up their most intriguing (ad selling) stories of the year for one last hurrah. Practically no one watches and instead, opts for more family oriented programming or party oriented playtime!

Well, so much for real news. The mainstream media ruse is gearing up for another yearly round of hide the sausage for those with inquiring resolve. Sure, they will present some significant content; however, barely enough and for meager durations. This is their attempt to snag the highest of the intellectual viewers and listeners. As usual, Hollywood folly, so-called “high-profile” court cases, and those stories with sexual and graphic content will assume the lion’s share of prime-time news with an emphasis on grabbing the Jon Stewart, Jerry Springer audience; sad.

“Ah, come on! That cable channel is specifically for news.” Oh contraire dear purveyor of news gossip. That channel means to sell ad space for your viewing pleasure! Just because they tout their news worthiness doesn’t mean that their programming is free. Everyone buys ad space to market their product, service, or cause. However, the programming must be enticing enough for you to continue viewing their ads; otherwise, no paycheck! No station is in it for the viewers exclusively except maybe for public broadcasting or private networks. And even they may sell ad space to pay the bills.

Don’t you ever wonder why advertisements are geared toward kids on Nickelodeon and the sexually active crowd on MTV? It’s called targeted advertisement and it draws in hundreds of billions of dollars per year! The news agencies use it just the same! Hey, it’s enough to pay the bills apparently. So why stop now?

The future of revenue from all sectors of the economy depends on the dumbing-down of society. The lack of complexity in which the advertisers use to achieve this end is astounding as the media become willing participants in the subterfuge. It becomes equally as easy for the media as they have an endless stream of idiocy to pull from and a seemingly endless supply of low information, sell me air participants.

Do yourself a favor. Quit being a slave to consumer harvesting and invest your time more wisely with God and family. They are the only things that truly matter in this world.

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