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News media adulation of Hillary interrupted with biting report

In the midst of the news media's adulation of Hillary Rodham Clinton, their heir apparent for President of the United States, the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee's GOP staff issued a detailed report on Friday regarding former Secretary of State Clinton's and her underlings' alleged fecklessness and lack of accountability following the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attack against the United States' diplomatic facility in Benghazi, Libya.

Secretary Hillary Clinton testifying before a congressional panel regarding the Benghazi massacre.
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The report, entitled, “Benghazi: Where is the State Department Accountability,” follows the House majority party's extensive 16-month oversight, during which investigative staff examined the State Department’s conduct before, during, and after the terrorist attacks that left four Americans dead including the U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens.

"The report -- while maintaining a non-partisan, non-political tone -- is an indictment of Clinton's leadership at the State Department and it projects the image of a take-no-prisoners political animal," said former police and military officer now a political strategist, Mike Baker.

The Benghazi report reveals that well before the Sept. 11, 2012, terrorist attack, the Central Intelligence Agency and other intelligence agencies submitted extensive warnings about the deterioration of security in eastern Libya, including al-Qaeda’s expanding operations and the mounting risk to U.S. personnel and facilities.

The warnings regarding the threats that existed in Benghazi and other locations in Libya "were well-understood by even the most senior officials in Washington; then-Secretary Clinton “was certainly aware” of this reporting, as well as the fact that extremists claiming to be affiliated with al-Qaeda were active in the area," according to the report.

However, despite the increase in the dangers posed by Islamist elements, Department of State officials in Washington, D.C., turned down several requests for additional security from Department personnel on the ground in Libya, and in fact insisted on an aggressive timeline for drawing down support.

"The report reveals that while Clinton and her minions were reducing security measures in an obviously risky environment, the leaders at the CIA had the forethought to increase security at CIA facilities in Benghazi," said Mike Baker.

The Accountability Review Board created by Secretary Clinton after the Benghazi attack was allegedly lacking in credibility, most notably in its failure to review or comment on the actions of the Department’s most senior officials, including Secretary Clinton herself.

The report also pointed out that Secretary Clinton and Secretary Kerry failed to hold anyone accountable for the flawed decisions about security in Benghazi. In fact, the four employees cited by the ARB were temporarily suspended with pay and ultimately reassigned to new positions within the Department. Two of these officials subsequently retired voluntarily, and not as the result of disciplinary action.

And the now famous “talking points” controversy involving the now national security adviser, Susan Rice, "revealed a Department leadership more interested in its reputation than establishing the facts and accountability."

The Committee's report also revealed that during Secretary Clinton’s tenure, the State Department "went for a historically long period without a permanent Inspector General, a position central to ensuring a culture of accountability within the Department [of State]," the report states.

"What they do expect and deserve is a Department in which everyone is held accountable for his or her performance," the report points out.

"While the Committee will continue to press for accountability, it is incumbent upon President Obama and Secretary Kerry to recognize the failures of senior officials and hold them accountable. Otherwise, another Benghazi scenario, in which U.S. personnel are left vulnerable by irresponsible decision making in Washington, is inevitable," the congressmen wrote.

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