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News from the Mobile TV Examiner for Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

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(the following article is part of the Mobile TV/Radio Examiner's trial run of a different publishing format for news articles. You may share your thoughts about it with the author by contacting him through electronic mail)

  • According to WPMI-TV, they had planned on adding the syndicated variety program "Steve Harvey" to their regular weekday programming schedule on the Monday of September 15th (WPMI-TV had recently started broadcasting an advertisement for "Steve Harvey" on a regular basis with audio of an announcer for some of their local TV programming saying, "Coming this fall to Local 15"). This means WALA-TV and their companion station* WFNA-TV would not be able to broadcast the program anymore by then since only one TV station or one group of TV stations owned and/or operated by the same company per TV market could broadcast it.

*WALA-TV and WFNA-TV are members of the same company, LIN Media. They also operate from the same building in Mobile.

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