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News from the Mobile Radio Examiner for Thursday, August 21st, 2014

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The local radio station formerly known WABB-AM and most recently WTKD-AM (it became WERM-AM this past Tuesday, August 19th, according to the Federal Communications Commission) recently started broadcasting on a regular basis again this August after having been without regular broadcasts since December 2012 (its frequency is still 1480 kilocycles). It used to broadcast sports programming broadcast by two other radio stations (WTKE-FM (100.3; licensed to Niceville, Florida) and WTKP-FM (93.5; licensed to Port Saint Joe, Florida)) on a regular basis before then as part of a time brokerage deal its operator (Omni Broadcasting of Fort Walton Beach, Florida) had with its previous owner (Judith Dittman), but as of this August it had been broadcasting gospel music programming from a different group of operators (the Eternity Record Company of Laurel, Mississippi) on a regular basis since they had gained ownership of the station from the previous owner upon the completion of its sell to them back in July in the current calendar year.

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