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News from SXSW: Vevo TV brings free music television to your Android, iOS device

VEVO Android App
Paul Cash

Sure, VEVO's new Android update looks great, but if that's all you noticed, then you're missing the boat. That's because while the new flashy design is commendable, it's the new 24/7 stream of original programming, called VEVO TV, that really makes the update worth getting. The new feature, launched Tuesday at the SXSW conference in Austin, adds a new dimension to the playlist music video format previously used on the app.

The channel is meant to be watched linearly like a cable station, and the programs include music video shows from many different genres, along with live events and original programming like VEVO's "Music Is My Sport".

Of course nothing is free in this world, and that means you will have the inevitable ads and sponsor banners, but they seem to be a lot less intrusive than the ads you've become used to on network T.V.

Along with the update on the Android platform, VEVO TV is also available on iOS and Windows Phone.


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