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News coming out about Facebook's launch of a news reader

Facebook to launch new reader
Facebook to launch new reader
Graphic put together by Wendy Spickerman imaging recode

We here at the examiner are working hard to give you the latest news on those oh so many social media sites. News is flying off the press about Facebook's launch of a news reader that looks and feels like Flipboard, according to Re/code and Mashable. The launch could be in the weeks to come.

The reading is said to be another mobile app which would display a mix of news stories from publications like the New York Times, Washington Post and more. We've been hearing for some time now that Facebook wanted to make a change giving it a feel more like a newspaper however I'm not sure this step will take it to that extreme so members of Facebook can rest easy knowing they can still share their family photos with Gramma Mary and Aunt Sally. Your gaming time is still safe to unwind from a long day and chat is there when you need it.

So how does this affect you? Well, this app looks like is going to be formatted in a way that it gives it a newspaper feel. Let's hope we haven't moved ahead in digital time so much that people don't remember what a newspaper is. Facebook is known for its content to be very versatile you've got your own member status updates, people sharing news links all the time and your paid advertising ads.

Now I'm sure they didn't just sit down and pop this out of their heads yesterday, we've been hearing rumoring of Facebook looking for ways to improve since they began and it certainly won't be the last change they make. Sources from re/code tell us that the project is being led by Mike Matas. In case you didn't know back in 2011 Facebook bought Mata's startup Push Pop Press which was an iPad book maker.

It will be interesting to see how Facebook users accept this new reader was in comes out. People are not very happy with privacy issues, and all those ads when all they want to do is be 'social' but time will tell.

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