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News 101: What is happening to investigative journalism in Macomb County?

Local news stations are scaling back on their investigative journalism departments.
Local news stations are scaling back on their investigative journalism departments.
Tiffany Burrows

Following the lead of other companies in the area, local television news stations are making budget cuts to save money. This decision will affect television coverage for Detroit and the surrounding counties, including Macomb.

With the announcement of Steve Wilson leaving Channel 7 at the end of March and the departure of Scott Lewis from Fox 2 back in December, local stations are choosing to scale back on their investigative departments. Fox 2's Problem Solvers, Channel 4's Local 4 Defenders, and Channel 7's Action News Investigators require extensive researching, often beginning with concerned viewers' tips. The newsrooms and investigative departments receive many phone calls every day and try to follow up on as many as resources will allow.
Depending on the situation, these stories may take weeks to thoroughly investigate. While these stories serve the viewers and can expose city corruption, misuse of school funds, scams, and fraud, the stories take much longer to complete than a daily news piece, such as a press release from the police or government official. Reporters have immediate news to give viewers.

Because of the budget cuts, viewers will have to seek other avenues to expose and solve problems. Journalists and viewers can find new ways to practice investigative journalism and continue to serve as watchdogs for the community.


  • Nancy 4 years ago

    Wow, sad to hear we consumers are losing our consumer advocates. They have exposed a lot of fraud and stood up for the citizens of Macomb county.

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    It is a sad event to see these cutbacks especially with stories that should be continually investigated for the sake of the community such as these so called 'neighborhood watch groups'. Who are being fed lies and false documents by 'gangstalking ' activity. Please visit and read up on what these individuals are doing in our neighborhoods and telling those they are 'helping' their government etc., and it is their duty . These individuals have been hired and being paid through illegal means and lying to the public and causing harm to innocent individuals. Most of the lies are they are so called pedophiles, drug users, etc., if this were true they would not be paying off drug users to harass these innocent individuals. If you are told they are government officials, etc., even if you are showed a false badge etc., contact the FBI and let them know who has approached you, take their license plate down etc. Read up on gangstalking and make your neighborhood, schools, co-workers etc., aware of this or anyone that may have approached you. If you know anyone in law enforcement, the military or is a private detective ask them - they are aware of this.

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    Curious on the other anonymous comment - what neighborhood is this going on in? I know individuals who have been approached and lied to and there are a few neighbors who have participated in this. Cambridge, Koss Farms are two big ones.