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Newlyweds crash head-on in separate cars: Crash kills couple, each driving solo

Newlyweds die in head-on collision, each driving separate cars in horrific accident.
Newlyweds die in head-on collision, each driving separate cars in horrific accident.
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A newlywed husband and wife both driving separate cars while working, smashed head-on into each other in a fatal accident that is hard to fathom. This bizarre and almost unbelievable accident is under investigation today as the families are now getting ready to bury this young couple who leave three children without parents.

According to USA Today on June 6, this head-on crash happened in North Texas on Wednesday mid-morning near the farm where both Nicolas Cruz, 31, and 26-year-old Kristina Munoz worked. The accident happened on the crest of a hill and neither were wearing a seat belt.

Authorities aren't sure what happened, but they are investigating the accident and looking into the possibility of speed being a factor in this crash. There were no skid-marks on the road, suggesting neither hit the brakes before colliding head-first into each other.

The road on which the accident occurred is a very narrow country road, but it is paved with blacktop. There are no curbs or center markings on this road. Authorities are investigating the possibility of one of the cars traveling too close to the center of the road.

The New York Daily News reports that an update on the accident has Munoz, who was driving her 1999 Saturn north on County Road 87, drifting across the middle of the road and smashing into Cruz's 1990 Mazda pickup. While this is what is being reported today, the investigation is still on-going.

The couple was at work at the time, they were both driving between two separate buildings, which are used by the farm they work for, when the crash occurred. The couple would usually drive to work separately because their shifts started at different times and they needed their vehicles during working hours as a part of their job.

This head-on collision mangled the metal of the two cars and rescue personal had to cut both Cruz and Munoz out of their vehicles at the scene. The wreck occurred not too far from Odell at about 10 a.m. on Wednesday.

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