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Newlyweds crash: Married Texas couple kills other in crash, fateful impact

A newlyweds crash has resulted in a newly married couple from Texas dying in a car accident that people everywhere are calling nothing short of a tragedy this week. In a fateful collision and head-on impact, Nicolas Cruz and Cristina Munoz reportedly crashed into one another with separate vehicles, killing each other. AZ Central tells the factors surrounding the horrific event this Friday, June 6, and that the deceased pair now leaves three children behind.

A newlyweds crash has left a couple fatefully killed
Wikimedia Commons

While two newlyweds dying together in a car crash would be tragic in and of itself, this particular case is a particularly fateful disaster because the two were in fact driving two separate cars and slammed into each other head-on. The subsequent car wreck was a deadly one, as both 26-year-old Cristina Munoz and 31-year-old Nicolas Cruz were killed, injuring no others.

The incident occurred early Wednesday afternoon in Vernon, Texas. Both hardworking parents worked at the same job, but were thought to be traveling to their second jobs at Mahard Pullet Farm on opposite ends of the road. In the newlyweds crash, Nicolas and Cristina were said by police officials to be making their way along County Road 87. Their Saturn and Mazda vehicles collided into one another while driving on the earthy road, killing both drivers upon impact.

The Inquisitr shares that an exact cause behind the accident has not been determined at this time. It seems that law enforcement authorities in the Texas area believe a combination of poor speed signs, difficult visibility due to a large hill, and improper lane arrangement may have contributed to the newlyweds’ crash. Emergency teams were immediately called after a witness driving along County Road 87 saw the car wrecks, but both man and wife were already dead by the time they arrived.

According to the press release provided by a state trooper, this Texas back country road needs to be updated to prevent such a fateful tragedy from occurring again in the future. It offers little to no markings for drivers, and this lack of guidance might have been a factor in the two accidentally hitting and killing each others.

“This is a very narrow, blacktop county road and there are no markings. There are no shoulder markings and there are no center stripe markings.”

Both Cruz and Munoz were confirmed by police to have been wearing their seat belts at the time of the head-on collision. The couple had been married for only a little over a year before their sudden and unfortunate passing. They currently leave three children behind in their wake. The investigation into the case is still continuing as of Friday evening, specifically how the impact occurred.

An Imperial Valley plane crash has also slammed into headlines today after a military plane abruptly nosedived into a home, destroying it and heavily damaging three others. No one was fortunately killed in this particular incident, though the pilot was injured. Safety precautions are always important when it comes to driving and flight security, but it seems that sometimes tragedies such as these simply earn their titles as sad but real "freak accidents."

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