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Newlyweds and Babies Part 2

Are You Ready?
Are You Ready?
Clare Bloomfield

A few guidelines newlyweds should consider before they decide to have a baby:

  • Take some time to enjoy your marriage. Get to know your husband on a whole new level. Being a newlywed can be a wonderful time. Sleep in on the weekend, travel and enjoy each other for a while.  It is recommended that couples should wait 1 year before trying and if you're younger than 25, waiting 3 years. 
  • Determine if you’re financially stable enough to have a child. We’ve all heard the saying “If you wait until you can afford to have kids, you’ll never have them.” This may very well be true, but if you have them and can’t support them, how wise of a decision was it? Ann Douglas, co-author of "Family Finance: The Essential Guide for Parents," and co-author of "The Unofficial Guide to Having a Baby" says a middle-income family can expect to spend nearly $150,000 to raise a child from birth to age 18. For higher-income families, the total is closer to $220,000.  Nashville Financial Planners
  • Determine if you’re healthy enough to have a baby. This means both you and your husband. Not only do you have to be healthy enough to carry the baby, but you both have to be able to keep up with them once they arrive.
  • Determine if you’re emotionally ready. A baby is going to take all of your time and attention. You will be drained and you will be stressed and forget about sleeping in on the weekends (or any day for that matter!)  Nashville Marriage and Family Counselors
  • Determine if you will have help with childcare. Are you going to stay home with the child? Do you have friends and family that can help? Can you take a leave of absence at work? Do you plan to leave work permanently? Can you afford daycare? There are lots of things to consider.
  • Do you and your spouse agree on religion? Don’t assume anything in this department and don’t take it for granted. If you don’t belong to the same church or have the same beliefs, you’d better get it straight before you have a child.

Having a baby can enrich your marriage but taking the time to get to know one another as husband and wife for a while will lay a strong foundation for your family. Ultimately though, the decision is yours. Don't let anyone (family or friends) pressure you.   Talk about it with your spouse and determine if and when you're ready. 

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