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Newlywed crash: Kristina Munoz, Nicolas Cruz die in head-on collision

A tragic newlywed crash in Texas left both the recently married bride and groom dead when they crashed head-on into one another. KETK shared the heartbreaking details. The incident involving Nicolas Cruz and Kristina Munoz happened Wednesday morning.

The newlywed crash killed Kristina Munoz and Nicolas Cruz
Screencap via video

The couple both worked at a farm near the accident scene. Though authorities are still investigating, early indications are that speed and the way the road is laid out may have been contributing factors in the newlywed crash. Munoz, 26, and Cruz, 31, were in separate cars Wednesday morning around 9:55 a.m. when they crashed into one another.

Both Cruz and Munoz were pronounced dead at the scene of the newlywed crash. USA Today notes that both Nicolas and Kristina were alone in their respective vehicles. It seems that neither victim had been wearing a seatbelt. Cruz was apparently going around a curve in his pickup when the collision with the Saturn carrying Munoz happened. Troopers say it's a narrow country road that doesn't have any markings. There were no skid marks found at the scene of the newlywed crash.

Kristina Munoz leaves behind three children. From the sounds of the details of the newlywed crash, it seems unlikely either Munoz or Nicolas Cruz ever knew that the other had been in the crash. It's certainly a heartbreaking tragedy for all of the families and loved ones involved.

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