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Newlywed couple dead; crashed head-on into each other while texting each other

Newlyweds kill each other in auto accident
Newlyweds kill each other in auto accident
Nicolas Cruz via Facebook

A sad story out of Texas that demonstrates, once again, just how quickly life can change. On June 5th, a Texan newlywed couple was killed in a car crash. Authorities just released new information yesterday that the couple was texting each other during the wreck that landed both vehicles in a ditch. The ironic part is that they were driving to meet each other. The ill-fated couple was identified as Christina Munoz, 26, and Nicolas Cruz, 31.

As the couple was approaching each other from opposite directions, something happened and Munoz apparently lost control of the car. Her 1999 Saturn veered into the oncoming lane and she crashed head-on into the 1990 Mazda pickup truck that her husband Cruz was driving.

Munoz and Cruz were both employed at Mahard Pullet Farm, although they worked different shifts. Pullets are typically especially tasty young hens under the age of one. Munoz and Cruz were driving between buildings on Mahard Pullet Farm grounds when the accident occurred.

According to Trooper Jymie Ha, Department of Public safety, the most likely causes of the accident were “speed and the layout of the road.” There is a hillcrest which makes it difficult to see what is coming up the other side until you actually get to the top of the hill. The cars met with such force that both vehicles were horribly mangled and specials tools were needed to get the victims out of their respective vehicles.

Darkness isn’t believed to have played a factor in the wreck which happened at 10am. Both victims died at the scene. According to authorities neither Munoz nor Cruz were wearing their seatbelts. The couple leaves behind three young children.