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Newly formed terrorist group issues warning to Egypt

As if the Egyptian government didn't have enough radical Muslim groups with which to contend, Egyptian soldiers on Saturday and Sunday found themselves embroiled in a battle with a newly formed group of Islamists who call themselves Ajnad Misr, according to former police intelligence analyst Leonard C. Pentantas.

A newly formed radical Muslim organization is targeting Egyptian police and security officers.
Police and Security News

The Egyptian special forces soldiers claimed on Saturday they killed at least 16 Islamists in the Sinai region, and the new group's members who fought the Egyptian soldiers admitted that they had been the militants who carried out a bomb attack on police officers in Cairo.

A statement issued by the new militant group Ajnad Misr (translated as Soldiers of Egypt ) claimed responsibility for the two bombing attacks in Cairo that targeted Egyptian police officers on Friday. Ajnad Misr's spokesperson vowed to increase its attacks against the police, security and military forces.

Egyptian military commanders claimed their fighter jets struck the Islamists adjacent to Sinai's border with the Palestinian-held Gaza Strip on Friday evening.

One statement released by the Islamist described the terrorists as being members of the now-banned Muslim Brotherhood, which continues to claim it is a moderate Muslim group and denies accusations that it's leaders and members have turned to overt terrorist attacks.

Egyptian security forces have been trying to take control of the section of Sinai that currently in the hands of Islamists who have turned vitriolic message away from Israel and towards Egypt's fledgling government place in power When President Morsi, a top Brotherhood member, was deposed by the Egyptian military in July 2013 following street demonstrations -- including violence -- against his administration.

Just last month, the Egyptian interim government declared the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group, but the Brotherhood's leadership says it remains committed to peaceful activism.

Army officials reported that on Saturday an improvised explosive device (IED) was planted on a roadside to target military personnel but it was discovered and defused in Sinai.

"Ajnad Misr emerged late last month, claiming responsibility for six attacks at the end of January," according to SITE. "[The security forces] are not safe from retaliation which is pursuing them," its statement said.

"Our attacks on them will continue all the while their crimes continue," the statement said.

The statement was posted on a Facebook page set up in its name and quoted by a website used by militant groups and by SITE Intelligence group, which monitors such sites.

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