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Newly enforced dress code at the ball game

Personally, I only prefer to follow NFL football games but when I read the new dress code at Ballpark Village, I about cringed! Apparently, fans are unable to war any jersey or hoody's after 9:00 p.m. but specifically to those visiting the entertainment district for clubs and bars. They can wear these articles of clothing in designated common areas.

In addition, the following combinations of clothing are banned by Fans wearing:

  1. Sleeveless shirts (men)
  2. Clothing with any type of profanity on it
  3. Boxers or briefs pulled out and visible from pants (men)
  4. Sweat pants
  5. Sweat shirts/jerseys (unless they are endorsing the Saint Louis Cardinals, Blues, or Rams)
  6. Sweat suits
  7. Excessive long shirts [the bottom of the shirt cannot extend below the tip of one's fingers when standing]
  8. Athletic shorts
  9. Sagging pants below the wast line
  10. Bandannas

The Budweiser Brew House; banned clothing includes:

  1. No hates of any kind on the 2nd floor
  2. No kids after 9:00 p.m.

Reportedly, Alderman Antonio French stated that this is not an intent to discriminate against anyone especially minorities.

Now, maybe this is just my opinion but all these rules seem more common of dress code policies for employees and not patrons. Also, like I stated earlier, I am not a base ball fan and have no idea how Busch Stadium in setup but all of these rules surrounding dress codes seems a bit strict and I would imagine would probably upset many fans. I can maybe see it as a security risk during the play offs or wold series but for every game just seems so not-Politically Correct.

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