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Newly designed Cherokee doesn't scare anyone

Newly designed Jeep Cherokee
Newly designed Jeep Cherokee

The nasty snow storms breaking out all over the U.S. have people turning towards reliable 4x4 vehicles. Those vehicles are none other than the newly designed Jeep line-up. Even with the 2014 Jeep Cherokee looking the way it does, has not scared anyone away from the Jeep brand.

With Consumer Report stating the new design is

Contemporary that had potential, but despite a few high points, overall we found it half-baked."

Respectfully so, statistics show that the Jeep line-up is fulling baked and flying off the lots.

According to Automotive news, Jeep has hit an all-time single-month market share high of 4.1 percent in January. Continuing with those great numbers, Jeep is on the path to beat its full-year record of 3.4 percent set back almost two decades ago.