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Newlin Grist Mill: A focus on water

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Kathy Martin ( Newlin Grist Mill

Since its 1704 start, the Newlin Grist Mill has had a fascination with water. Set on the Chester Creek, it was the rushing water, once harnessed, that turned the 16 foot mill wheel, and water that continues to turn this giant wooden wheel. Waterfalls, fishing, ponds, and streams await visitors to this historic park.

Historic waterways

Utilizing the original water system, the Newlin Grist Mill continues to grind as it was intended to do. More importantly, that we can experience the natural beauty, preservation of buildings and processes, today, is extraordinary. Following restoration inspired by E. Mortimer Newlin, an eighth-generation decedent of builder Nathaniel Newlin, the Newlin Grist Mill became a public nature park and an historic site. Present-day visitors can experience educational tours, eight miles of woodland trails, or be bewitched fishing from the stocked ponds under waterfalls and water ways that lead to the mill. The pristine beauty of the woodlands, streams and ponds may put a spell on you, if only for a little while, transporting you back in time. The Newlin Grist Mill is now a 160-acre park that is an environmental preserve, as the mill, buildings and processes are historically preserved. The result is captivating for all ages who visit.

Cane pole fishing at the ponds is available Saturdays and Sundays, fees include the cane fishing pole. Trails and grounds are open daily from 9 am until dusk. There are many special programs, events and touring opportunities to take part and share in this entrancing historic park. Newlin Grist Mill is a rare find. Come visit with a fishing state of mind, and sit a spell by the ponds, and listen.

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