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NewFest: New York LGBT Film Fest turns 25

Love Me Not looks very promising for bisexual content!
Love Me Not looks very promising for bisexual content!
NewFest film publicity photos

NewFest, New York's premiere LGBT film festival, turns 25 this year and is celebrating with an exciting roster of films. This also marks their second year of partnership with OutFest in LA, as well as with Film Society of Lincoln Center.

NewFest New York LGBT film festival kicks off on Friday
Pit Stop publicity photo

I've perused the list of films, using my bidar, and these are the films most likely to have bisexual content. Even if it turns out that I'm wrong about one or two, at the very least you will have seen a cool queer film. I've included the films' descriptions so you can decide which tickle your fancy. Then go to the NewFest site and get tickets: $13 for all films unless marked otherwise. All films below will be shown at the Walter Reade Theater, 165 West 65th Street, between Broadway and Amsterdam Ave.

LOVE ME NOT Sat Sept 7-1:30pm
New York Premiere.

Aggie might be in love with her roommate Dennis. They’ve been friends since primary school and have lived in the same Hong Kong flat for years. But here’s the rub: Aggie’s a lesbian and Dennis is gay. The two have never been interested in the opposite sex. But love is complicated in Gilitte Leung’s dazzling Chinese romance, especially when Dennis gets wind of how Aggie feels. Suddenly, a loving relationship doesn’t look so bad, even if Dennis’ friends think he’s losing his mind.

SHORTS PROGRAM 1 Sat Sept 7-4:15pm

This program of outstanding recent LGBT shorts provide a humorous, incisive and downright sexy look into stories of queer identity, love and misadventures from all across the globe.

Social Butterfly
(France , USA, 2013, 14 mins)
Directed By: Lauren Wolkstein
A beautiful birthday girl confronts a sultry cat burglar. Then the party takes a sensuous turn.

(USA, 2013, 13 mins)
Directed By: Bryan Horch
What two boys in love go through to find the perfect bed.

(Australia, 2013, 13 mins)
Directed By: Tim Marshall
A couple’s romantic camping trip is disrupted by an eccentric stranger.

F to 7th Family
(USA, 2013, 13 mins)
Directed By: Ingrid Jungermann
Lunch time with Auntie (Amy Sedaris) is chock full of out of control wackiness.

Elliot King is Third
(USA, 2013, 19 mins)
Directed By: Rose Troche
A dystopic tale of gender enforcement set in a not-too-distant future.

Devotion Project: Foremost in My Mind
(USA, 2013, 10 mins)
Directed By: Antony Osso
Two beautiful African American women share the story of how they met and fell in love later in life.

Ronny & I
(USA, 2013, 20 mins)
Directed By: Guy Shalem
A young man comes to terms with his sexuality and feelings for his best friend during an impromptu trip.

PIT STOP Sat Sept 7-7pm
YEN TAN, 2013
New York Premiere. Filmmaker in person for Q&A.

The modest lives of two rugged Texans intertwine in Yen Tan’s refreshingly grounded, quietly sexy Pit Stop. A 2009 Outfest Screenwriting Lab project that blossomed into a 2013 Sundance darling, Tan’s yarn moves through a blue-collar town, observing the relationship between a handsome contractor named Gabe (Bill Heck) and his ex-wife Shannon (Amy Seimetz, Upstream Color) and daughter. Across town, Ernesto (Marcus DeAnda) ignores his flagging relationship with a much younger man and sits vigil at the bedside of an ailing ex. When Ernesto and Gabe meet unexpectedly one day at a local gas station, a connection forms that has the potential to alter both of their lives for good. In his touching follow-up to CIAO, writer-director Yen Tan provides an evocative glimpse into the everyday lives of two Southern men seeking love and affection over aching solitude. As far from the beaten path as its protagonists, this dreamy feature is a different kind of love story with depth, clarity, and no shortage of sexual tension. Winner of Grand Jury Award for Best Actor(s) at 2013 Outfest Los Angeles.

INTERIOR. LEATHER BAR. Sat Sept 7-9:15pm
New York Premiere. Filmmakers Travis Mathews and James Franco in person for Q&A.

To avoid an X rating, 40 minutes of footage was cut from William Friedkin’s controversial 1980 S&M thriller Cruising. In a provocative re-imagining of this censored material, directors Travis Mathews (I Want Your Love) and James Franco create an explicit and steamy nonfiction film-within-a-film about gay sex and masculinity. As the straight lead, Val, prepares to assume the Al Pacino position, he is forced to confront his own sexual boundaries and discomforts, which flare as he pushes deeper into this iconic gay interior. The film had its world premiere at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.

Q-Rating: Explicit Sexuality

THE LAST MATCH Sat Sept 7-11pm
New York Premiere

Reinier works as a callboy in order to support his wife and child, but he ends up gambling most of his money away. Sex with men is strictly business until he befriends a cute soccer player named Yosvani, who works for his girlfriend’s father, a corrupt debt collector. When Reinier’s gambling habit gets him in serious trouble, Yosvani tries to convince Reinier to run away with him. Set in the bustling streets of Cuba, The Last Match offers a visceral romance ripe with unexpected turns and dangerous temptations.

This program of outstanding recent LGBT shorts provide a humorous, incisive and downright sexy look into stories of queer identity, love and misadventures from all across the globe.

(Sweden, 2013, 15 mins)
In Swedish with English subtitles
Directed By: Anna Österlund Nolskog
Two friends give each other a helping hand in getting over the fears of their first sexual encounters with the opposite sex.

She Said, She Said
(USA, 2013, 7 mins)
Directed By: Stuart Blumberg
Marisa Tomei and Elodie Bouchez let their claws out as two lesbians on the brink of a nasty divorce. Naughty car-washing and a leather-clad Aubrey Plaza make matters all the more hilarious.

(USA, 2013, 15 mins)
Directed By: Wade Gasque
While starting anew and searching for an apartment, a hopeless romantic is thrown for a loop when he crashes with a long-term couple.

(USA, 2013, 4 mins)
Directed By: Ingrid Jungermann
A funny lesbian glimpse into straight dudes and their snooty dog culture.

Simply Rob
(UK, 2013, 15 mins)
Directed By: Tom Shrapnel
A stirring portrait of New York based poet and activist Rob Vassilarakis, told through his poetry.

(USA, 2013, 14 mins)
Directed By: Erin Sanger
A young tomboy hangs with a bunch of roughneck boys and shows them who’s boss.

Summer Vacation
(Israel, 2013, 22 mins)
In Hebrew with English subtitles
Directed By: Sharon Maymon, Tal Granit
A married man’s family vacation abruptly takes a turn when he bumps into his ex-lover.

FREE FALL Sun Sept 8-1:30pm

In his gripping and erotic feature debut, German director Stephan Lacant chronicles the pleasures and pitfalls of a tumultuous love affair between police officer Marc (Hanno Koffler, Summer Storm) and his training partner, Kay. At first Marc brushes off his attraction to his colleague as a fluke, but his feelings become evident the more time he spends away from his pregnant girlfriend Bettina, inside motel rooms and in remote corners of the forest with Kay. Free Fall, which had its world premiere at the 2013 Berlin International Film Festival, explores the excitement of forbidden love as well as the consequences of secrecy and repression.

New York Premiere. Filmmaker in person for Q&A.

Free-spirited young lesbian Andy (writer-director Drew Denny) and her reserved childhood friend Liv (Sarah Hagan, Freaks and Geeks) are traveling across the Southwest to scatter Andy’s father’s ashes. Starting out building campfires, drinking, snuggling, and reminiscing about the good old days, tensions arise as the trip progresses, forcing the duo to examine the core of their relationship. Are they friends or something more? Denny’s autobiographical comedy about connection, the open road and, yes, how to have fun with your pants on, is a joyride of sweet twists and turns.

Screening with:

Wini + George
Benjamin Monie | USA | 2013 | 12m
A young misunderstood boy and a kind-hearted bag lady bond over dolls and the wonder of life.

YOU AND THE NIGHT Sun Sept 8-7pm
U.S. Premiere. Filmmaker in person for Q&A.

A mysterious young couple and their horny transvestite maid throw an orgy and invite four strange participants: “Slut”, “Stud”, “Teen” and “Star”. As the pansexual soirée progresses, the guests’ private lives (and private parts) emerge via bawdy flashbacks and naughty John Hughes-ian monologues. If you’ve been yearning for a dark and outrageous French sex rompsince Francois Ozon went respectable, or love Almodovar, Cocteau, and Araki, director Yann Gonzalez’s edgy, sensuous and surprisingly poetic debut will fulfill your every desire. With an alluring score by M83, premiering at Cannes and starring Niels Schneider (Xavier Dolan's Heartbeats), Alain Fabien Delon (son of the legendary actor), and Beatrice Dalle as "The
Commissioner", this is one party you won’t want to miss!

Q-Rating: Explicit Sexuality

KINK Mon Sept 9-9:45pm
New York Premiere. Filmmaker in person for Q&A.

Kink takes us into the painful but oh-so-pleasurable world of five San Francisco–based BDSM workers as they choke, spank, and scream their way through just another day at the studios. Produced by James Franco and directed with frank allure by Christina Voros, Kink not only humanizes the bondage and sadomasochism industry, it also uncovers a professional world in ways the uninitiated would never expect. So strap in (or strap on!) and enjoy this wild and surprisingly sweet dungeon-based feature, which had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year.

Q-Rating: Explicit Sexuality

TEST Wed Sept 11-7:15pm
Closing Night. New York Premiere. Filmmaker in person for Q&A.

This sexy, funny, poignant new film from Chris Mason Johnson (The New Twenty) won two Outfest Los Angeles Grand Jury Prizes for its portrayal of Frankie (Scott Marlowe), a sexy young dancer in 1985 San Francisco, enjoying big city life and the erotic freedom that comes with it. But when he’s not onstage performing (in a series of stunning dance sequences) or bringing new friends up to his apartment, Frankie debates whether or not he should take the brand-new HIV test. Mixing unforgettable characters, sharp writing and dazzling choreography, this exuberant period piece calls to mind Parting Glances and other classics of urban queer cinema. *Tickets are $30 and include admission to the Closing Night party.

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