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Newest Porto Novo pups

Newest Porto Novo Pups

The stork finally made its appearance in Old Saybrook, CT and brought three new pups to Porto Novo Podengos: one girl and two boys, each weighing seven and a half pounds. Championship Hestia de Vedras (Izzy) began whelping at 1:30 a.m. and by 5:30 a.m. all three pups were delivered healthy, just in time for Mother's Day. These are the smooth coated Portuguese Podengo Pequenos. Izzy is reportedly a great mother.

The female pup, a very dark brown with white markings is now Porto Novo’s Homage to Amor, Mage for short. She is named in honor of the kennel’s very first Podengo Pequeno pup born in America who had passed away at eleven just a few days before.

One of the male pup's has a white collar and markings on a red-gold coat. He is now officially Porto Novo’s Gil Hodges in honor of the Brooklyn Dodger’s first baseman. He will be called Hodges. The other male pup is Porto Novo’s Home Run Robinson in honor of the one and only Jackie Robinson. He will be called Homer. Clearly, Marilyn Piurek’s lifetime favorite baseball team was the Brooklyn Dodgers; her father was a scout for the team.

Although they are active and happy pups and will soon have their photos everywhere, right now they are too small to resemble dogs! So, keep checking the column for their darling faces and news of their latest antics.

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