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Newest game, a dream come true for French development team

Many who have fostered a love for video games throughout their lives hope to one day release a game based on a world created within their own imagination. Whether it’s stored in a large document on the computer, a series of scribbled on notebooks on the bookshelf, or a napkin tucked away somewhere safe, that dream stays alive until the right moment comes along to make it a reality. For French game development studio Ynnis Interactive, that moment has come with the release of their Kickstarter game, Shiness.

Yniss Interactive

Producer and Composer for Shiness, Hazem Hawash, took some time to address the passion and conception that has driven this indie title. “Shiness is a path to make my dream come true,” declared Hawash, and added, “I have always dreamed to be a composer for videogames, but I couldn’t find any interesting projects.”

That interesting project seemed to find him after he met Author and Creative Director of Shiness, Samir Rebib. Hawash explained that the JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Game) styled title has been the pet project of Rebib for the last 20 years or so. “I was so touched and amazed about his story and his universe that I made a proposal a year later to make a videogame,” explained Hawash.

Shiness originally began as a manga series created by Rebib that the pair quickly shared on French web forums in order to gain support for the video game adaptation. From there, Hawash explained that several unemployed professionals were attracted to the project and agreed to help make the game a reality.

Hawash elaborated on the early years of the project and described some of the troubles the indie group had while developing the game. “Lots of pros told us that we were too ambitious, and we never listened to them we've just made what we believe is a good RPG,” said Hawash. The team also had the same sorts of complications many underfunded indie studios have, with some members working remotely, and team meetings being difficult to coordinate against work and life schedules.

Despite all the struggles, Ynnis Interactive managed to produce a large amount of content that is well showcased in their Kickstarter trailer. Hawash credited much of that success to the details and input Rebib provided with his original work.

As the composer for Shiness, Hawash has a very personal attachment to the game through the music he creates. “I need first an artwork or a story that will touch me,” explained Hawash, and added, “Shiness is a connection with the old RPGS. You will find a game made by RPG gamers for RPG gamers. Everything we've loved in an RPG is in Shiness.”

Clearly passionate about the game, Hawash also described what players and fans of the RPG genre could expect from the title. “The gamer will feel to live an adventure with 5 buddies named Chado, Poky, Rosalya, Askel, and Kayenne, they will share a lot of emotions with them and won't quit them until the end.”

Shiness would literally be a dream come true for many working to develop the game, and if story, character, and music are important considerations, the same might be true for many RPG fans.

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