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new 3DS
new 3DS

Over the weekend Nintendo announced a “new” 3DS and “new” 3DS XL. Now these are not taking over as the next generation for Nintendo’s handheld line, rather an upgraded system with some really nice improvements. Here is a list of the things that we know so far.

• Improved 3D effect. You are now going to be able to view the 3D on the system from any angle as opposed to only being able to see it when it was directly in front of you.

• Each model is slightly larger than its previous edition.

• Makes use of micro SD cards for memory instead of the regular, larger SD card.

• Updated CPU. Which means much faster downloads, better running games and quicker menus.

• Some games, like Xenoblade Chronicles will be coming to the “new” 3DS and only playable on it. Made possible by the updated CPU.

• New C stick, no more need for a circle pad pro!

• The front and back face plates will be removable and customizable. At launch there will be 38 available plates running at roughly $10.00 each. (available only in the smaller size as of right now)

• Customizable menu backgrounds and themes.

• Improved battery life, it is also replaceable.

• Built in NFC compatibility for the new amiibo figures. You will simply place the figure onto the touch screen. If you do not get the “new” 3DS systems you can get the accessory for the amiibo figures.

• The screen brightness automatically adjusts to the light in your surrounding area.

• Release date in Japan is October 11th, as of now, there is no known date for Europe or the US.

• The smaller one is 16,000 yen. Which is roughly $150.00 give or take several dollars. The larger is 18,800 yen, roughly $170.00, also give or take a couple bucks. Seeing as the system hasn’t been officially announced for the states yet, there is now telling on whether that price will stick.

• The smaller version will come in black or white. The XL comes in metallic black or blue.

Here are some video demonstrations and more in depth details!

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