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See also: is relaunching with an indiegogo campaign

Newer, shiner, better, is that not the cry of the age. I thought was a great site to begin with.

How does the Boston Film Industry Examiner know this? Personal experience. We have benefitted from the classifieds on more than one occasion and the articles have provided useful information.

As wonderful as is, it wants to be more. Well, who doesn’t? The question is, how to get there? They have a plan. Yup, they want to do the newer, shiner, better.

To that end, they have started an Indiegogo campaign called the Relaunch. The goal is to raise $15,000 by August 28th. Of course the money is a means to an end. The grand purpose in requesting help is to see “ build a locations database and interactive production directory for filmmakers, actors, crew, and companies to showcase their work.”

An admirable goal, but at my advanced years, I hope they don’t change what this old dog loves about it.

Okay, I may be getting on, but I have turned in my dumb phone for a smart phone. will now be available to work “seamlessly on computers, phones and other portable devices.” Up until a few months ago that might not have excited me, but now, I look forward to it. promises enhancements to all the things we liked before, including a jobs email subscription service. That’s a plus.

The Indiegogo campaign has a generous suite of perks on offer. They include credit and thanks for a fiver to the complete spotlight on you for a grand. serves the regional film community. If you are going to be part of an crowd funding effort, and you consider yourself part of the local production scene as an actor, writer, director or crew, you could do much worse than supporting this Indiegogo.

Check out the Indiegogo page here.

Also, check out the old fashioned at It is still up and running.

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