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Newcomer Simbaa gets his fifteen seconds of fame extended by releasing new cut

Aspiring rapper Simbaa takes advantage by releasing new track
Aspiring rapper Simbaa takes advantage by releasing new track
via The Source Magazine

As an up-and-coming artist from any part of the globe, getting your material heard by the countless number of significant V.I.P.’s in the music industry isn’t an easy task per se, but when one has the daring courage to cut the middle men out, which is filled with the multitudes of old label execs and A&R’s, who haven’t a clue what’s in and what’s not in the newer generation – this seems to be the only way to be taken seriously – and, yeah, it panned out pretty great for Big Sean, so that’s saying something.

An aspiring emcee took a page from the G.O.O.D. Music rapper, then sucked it up, and fearlessly walked up to Kanye West in the streets of NYC while going for a stroll with fiancé Kim Kardashian. Luckily for the rapper, who is reportedly named Simbaa, the Chicago producer/rapper was in good mood and was also all ears that night, as he gave the young man his fifteen seconds of fame by spitting like his life depended on it. And, how did this all turn out for the kid? Well, he didn’t get a record label contract just yet, but some brainy internet rap detectives dug up his music and, yes, found some new material from him. Here’s his newbie cut “Southern Cinderella,” as seen over at the folks at The Source Magazine. Is there more stuff on the way? Who knows.