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Newcomer Raury gets holy on introductory song 'God's Whisper'

Raury releases new song 'God's Whisper'
Raury releases new song 'God's Whisper'

Sifting through an eclectic pile of records must have been an everyday routine for 17 year-old newcomer Raury, a well-gifted Atlanta based artist, whose hobby has clearly rubbed off on him for the better. Honing his artistic craft as a young child was something he held dear to his heart, where at the age of 9; he knew this would be his calling. Drawing comparisons to a diverse list of big-name heavyweights (KiD Cudi, Michael Jackson, Coldplay and Phil Collins), it is quite evident the spunky teen consistently did his homework on his favorite singers, and in fact swiped musical pages from these plethora of geniuses, and none is more clear than his melodic cooing on his tribal-infused, “God’s Whisper,” exclusively premiered by Billboard editor, Erika Ramirez.

The cut, which serves as a prelude to his impending 10-track release Indigo Child, includes a sundry mix of [ole-country] tangy elements, coupled with the echoing of chorale backdrops, very reminiscent of tunes derived from mother Africa – and South to be exact – which may not be farfetched, to say the least. It’s an inspirational gem from the pits of his soul, as he’ll be delivering on his EP set, so as the saying goes “the children are the future,” and well, this high-school senior has the tools to make it – and make it far – no ifs and buts about it.

On the project and the significance behind the EP's title:

"Indigo Child' is a series of life changing movies. I like to make songs that are cinematic in a way," he says. "This project speaks from the perspective og young kids toay. It's very inspirational and to the people that listen to it, it'll make them want to go and find what they love and use that s**t to take over the world.

"With us goring up with the internet, as kids we learn so much so fast. We’re exposed to so many things to the point where we become more open-minded and naturally have tolerance for race, sex, gender… We aren’t limited to our cities around us. I think those walls of regionalism are about to change."

You can preview the song here and make a visit to Billboard to read his full interview piece.

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