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Newcomer country music artist, Rachele Lynae, debuting self-titled album

Rachele Lynae will release her debut album on April 22
Rachele Lynae will release her debut album on April 22
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Announced on March 12 via HotSchatzPR, the popular, up-and-coming Rachele Lynae will release her self-titled debut album on Tuesday, April 22 on Momentum Label Group. Produced by platinum recording artist, Jamie O'Neal, the album will be available at select retail stores nationwide, as well as through online music retailers, including Amazon and iTunes.

The compelling debut album is full of songs that encompass the complexities of relationships with tact and wisdom from Lynae's musical perspective. Although only 26 years old, her writing style is filled with wise-beyond-her-years wisdom and maturity. Duly noted of these traits are the singles "Cigarette," "Sometimes You Fly," which bare her soul and vulnerability, then she turns it up a notch on songs like "Party Til the Cows Come Home," and "Get Out on the Floor." She gives emotional punch on singles like "Scar," "Clean" and "Words in Red."

"Music is a gift I don't take for granted," says Rachele. "The emotion that you can convey in music is unrivaled by anything else. It's something that everyone understands."

Rachele grew up in Alaska and developed a love for music at an early, and was determined to make it her life-long passion. Her enthusiasm for performing, whether it be in school plays, church or any event centered around singing, Lynae jumped at the chance to share her love of music with those who were willing to listen. By the age of 17, she had already toured professional up and down the West Coast. Her deep love of music and songwriting gave her the encouragement she needed to move where she now makes her new home, in Nashville, Tennessee. She enrolled in Belmont, and recorded a 5-song EP that arrived in the hands of platinum, award-winning country music star, Jamie O'Neal, who was launching her own independent record label. O'Neal felt connected to Rachele's music and signed her to Momentum Label Group.

"I love writing songs and performing my music live," notes Rachele. "I've heard so many stories from my fans who say 'This song is exactly what I've needed.' How cool is it that I get to be blessed enough to put the music out there for them?"

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