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Newcastle Brown Ale laughs in the face of Super Bowl commercials

With Super Bowl XLVIII just days away, this information came through yesterday, as the hype about the game is on every news and sports channel. What are you expecting to see on Sunday? Will you be checking every score for the office pool? Will you be rooting for your team? Will you be chowing down on the food and drink offered at the party you are attending, or will you be watching the commercials?

Anna Kendrick Storyboard Image for Newcastle ad
Newcastle Brown Ale

If you chose the latter; you are not alone. One manufacturer of alcoholic beverages will be interested in the commercials too … or will they? According to reports, Newcastle Brown Ale, also known as Newkie Brown, Newcastle or Dog, depending on where on this earth you live. So rather than spend tons of money on a Super Bowl ad, they made a video instead. The video stars storyboards of singer and actress Anna Kendrick and former NFL star wide receiver, Keyshawn Johnson. The video imagines what the expensive commercial would look like, and it features story board slides of women at the beach, robots and skateboarding CGI cats that are pretty hilarious. To hear what Keyshawn has to say about the non-commercial check here and to hear Anna's words, check here.

So while other advertisers are spending a fortune on ridiculous excess and over-the-top shtick, Newcastle will be spending it to make their product. So enjoy the game, and have a Newcastle!

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