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Newborn kittens lucky to be alive after being shipped 126 miles to San Diego

Two black newborn kittens, each with their umbilical cord still attached, were found by Cox Communications employee JC Collins boxed up with fiberglass equipment yesterday. The only 2-day-old kittens traveled 126 miles from Hollywood to San Diego County, according to the Daily News.

It is surmised that after the mother had the babies, she sought to put them in a safe spot. When she left her babies, they got boxed up and shipped to Cox Communications' Chula Vista facility in San Diego County.

Collins, a 34-year employee of Cox Communications, told KGTV Channel 10 News that "he was couldn't believe it when a co-worker opened a box and found the two little furballs staring right up at him," and that the kittens "were very, very lucky that they didn't fall out of it in transport or when we were unloading the truck."

Also, luckily, Collins' nephew is an investigator for the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA ("SDHS") and reached out to him for help.

The two kittens - estimated to be only 2 days old, according to USA Today - are now safely in SDHS's kitten nursery where they are being cared for around the clock. Given the circumstances of their "delivery," nurse Jenny Bonomini dubbed the the male kitten "Mouse" and the female kitten "WiFi."

Mouse and WiFi are fed every two hours and will stay in the nursery until they are 8 weeks old, after which time they will be spayed and neutered and put up for adoption.

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