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Newborn kidnapping: Woman who left baby in freezing cold indicted for kidnapping

Woman idicted in the kidnapping of a newborn baby belonging to her half-sister.
Woman idicted in the kidnapping of a newborn baby belonging to her half-sister.

A woman is indicted for kidnapping a newborn baby belonging to her half-sister in Wisconsin. Kristen Smith may face life in prison for the kidnapping of this infant. This newborn kidnapping case covered three states before ending with the baby being found in a freezing cold storage shed by an alert sheriff who heard the baby’s cries.

According to The Inquisitr on Feb. 19, Kristen Smith is charged with kidnapping Kayden Powell, who was just five-days-old when she took him out of his parent’s bedroom while they were sleeping. When Brianna Marshall, the baby’s mother, woke to find the newborn gone, she called the police.

Brianna’s half sister, who was also at the house was gone, she had left to go back to her home in Colorado. Police were able to reach Smith on her cell phone, she was driving through Iowa at the time on her way home to Colorado. Authorities told her to pull over at a gas station and wait for local police to arrive.

The Iowa police said that Smith had baby clothes and a car seat in her car, but the baby’s mother said she was just helping them move some things because the family of three was moving to Smith’s home in Colorado within a few days. The police did not find the baby, but arrested Smith on outstanding warrants.

The massive hunt for the newborn ended with one Sheriff checking the area of the highway where Smith pulled over to meet the police. In back of a gas station, he heard crying coming from a storage shed. Inside he found the baby swaddled in blankets and placed inside a recycling bin.

The temperatures were below freezing, but little Kayden was not harmed. Smith was arrested last week and she was indicted on kidnapping charges Wednesday, which carries a life prison sentence if convicted.

Smith had faked a pregnancy and she also posted that she was pregnant on her Facebook page. When police found Smith in Iowa, she had a maternity prosthetic belly in her car, apparently she had been wearing this. She was taking Kayden home to Colorado to pass him off as her own child, police believe.

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