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Newborn kidnapping: Aunt planned to use baby as her own

The newborn kidnapping that took place in Wisconsin has resulted in the indictment of the child's aunt. On Feb. 6 the infant was found behind an Iowa gas station when authorities found him in sub-zero temperatures. Inquisitr reported Feb. 19 that Kristen Smith, 31, from Colorado was arrested and indicted by a Grand Jury for kidnapping...a verdict that carries a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Kayden Powell was snatched from his bassinet by Smith early in the morning. A massive search went out for the infant and within a few hours the child was found behind the Iowa gas station clothed with a stroller and car seat next to him. Powell, 31, was nowhere in sight.

Within a few hours Powell was arrested for the newborn kidnapping. She was reportedly at the home of her half-sister's after she gave birth to Kayden. When the baby's mother woke up in the middle of the night, her son and Smith were gone. Smith was eventually tracked down by authorities.

FBI investigators believe Smith was attempting to fake her own pregnancy and use Kayden as her own baby. Authorities found a prosthetic belly in her car after the incident.

This newborn kidnapping story goes to show how crazy people are out there willing to try such a stunt.

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