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Newborn discovered in trash survives

He was found cold, wet and purple in the trash at a Houston apartment building. And he was only 16 hours old.

Baby found in dumpster survives
Baby found in dumpster survives
Getty Images photographer
Baby in dumpster in Texas survives
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The baby boy had been dumped and was miraculously rescued by maintenance worker, Carlos Michel, who heard sounds coming from a blue trash can yesterday morning, as he was doing his rounds, says
the Houston Chronicle

When Michel heard the noise, "I almost had a heart attack," he tells press.

He stepped up on a bucket and managed to look onto the trash bags; he found the baby in one of them. The little boy was upside down lying beside homework and food scraps, says Fox News

In a statement, Michel said: "He was cold. Maybe hours old," according to MyFox Houston.

"This is a heart-wrenching story. I am glad the baby is safe," says San Francisco resident, Alice Marshall.

The child had his eyes closed the whole time he and Michel were in his pickup truck waiting for the paramedics to arrive. Meanwhile, Michel kept the boy warm inside his shirt.

A 16-year-old girl has admitted putting her son into the dumpster but no further details have as yet been released. She is also now in the hospital.

The state of Texas has a "Moses law" that allows an unwanted newborn to be left with an adult at a medical facility, without fear of repercussions.

It's not yet known if the teenage mother will face charges.


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