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Newark Mayor Cory Booker asks out Robin Quivers

Howard Stern Show co-host Robin Quivers has caught the eye of Cory Booker, the spitfire Mayor of Newark, New Jersey.

Robin Quivers in an undated photo
Wikimedia Commons
Cory Booker and Robin Quivers: love connection?
Getty Images

Booker straight up asked out Quivers at this week's red carpet premiere of "America's Got Talent" live. Gianna Micelli of After Buzz TV caught the exclusive:

"There have been numerous attempts to connect Robin and I--connect us not necessarily romantically, but connect us to even get together" Booker told Micelli. "I'm a big admirer of hers, and I'm hoping that she and I at one point can meet. Not necessarily I'm hoping that Robin will come to Newark and maybe one day have dinner with me, or lunch with me or breakfast with me. So, if this is an opportunity for me to get a message to Robin--please make sure that Robin understands I'm looking for her to come to Newark and hang out."

See the video of Cory Booker's personal message to Robin Quivers here

Although Booker said previous attempts to get together with Quivers have "not necessarily" been romantic--but he didn't rule it out either. Quivers has yet to visit a live taping of "America's Got Talent," but she has ten more weeks of shows to make her appearance. She is currently recovering after undergoing "major abdominal surgery" last month to have a grapefruit-sized tumor removed.

Howard Stern has long touted Booker as one of his favorite politicians and public speakers. Stern and Booker were side-by-side on the "AGT" red carpet Monday night, prompting Stern to proclaim:

"This is a man who rescued people out of burning buildings and cars. If more people in government were like this man who actually risks his life, we'd be somewhere."

Fans may have to wait a while to hear if Quivers accepted Booker's offer. The Howard Stern Show is currently on vacation until Monday, July 16th.

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