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New zombie game to be "released" Friday


 Z-Day's group image.

A new zombie game was announced earlier this year on the social networking site, Facebook. The game is not your average first person shooter (FPS) or even a Resident Evil-esque environment. It's real time and real life.

Similar to the Zombie Lurch put on every October, this is a chance for the zombie fan masses to interrupt the average joe's work day and bring a little fun and chaos to the everyday routine.

The rules of the game are a lot like the children's game of tag, except zombified. Random people in the group will be chosen to start as zombies, while the rest of those signed up will be the humans and hunters. The zombies will stumble around, infecting those around them by "gnawing", or simply letting the person know he or she is now a zombie because, "Me zombie, now you zombie. BRAAAAAINS!?" If a zombie hears "chick, chick, bam," they are to pause for three seconds. (It means the person has been "shot".)

As for the humans, their main objective is to run, and as always, shoot the zombie if they see one. No real weapons are used in this game, of course, only imaginary finger guns, with unlimited ammo. Nerf guns have recently been added to the list of acceptable weaponry. 

The event will last the whole weekend, and although the location is set as "behind you," on the group's profile, many places will be taking part in this event, including Madison. More rules will be updated and added Wednesday, March 10th to get ready for the premiere starting at Midnight on Friday, March 12th. 36, 471 had confirmed participation as of 8:30 am today. Come join the fun. 

For more info: Check out the group's event page on Facebook. Read the liability, rules, and make yourself a confirmed guest.


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