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New Youtube channel offers small business marketing advice

How many social media platforms should I be using? Which is the best one? Many companies have questions on how to market their product or service. With today's competitive marketplace, there is little room for trial and error. A new local Vlogcast called Ini’s Insights hopes answer these an many more business marketing questions.

Businesses encouraged to submit marketing questions to Ini's Insights
SocialWise Media Group

The first step to choosing a social media platform is to know your customer. What social media sites are your customers using? Choose that one and use it to communicate with your current and potential customers.

The next step is to consider how many you can manage effectively. Effectively means that you are able to respond to posts and responses within 2 hours, and update it 3-7 times per week. Consider this: Managing one social media site properly can take up to 20 hours or more per week. Start with one or 2, and if you have the staff, you can add more.

Consider what product you are selling when you choose your social media site. Some sites, such as Facebook, do better for business to customer sales, while others, like Linkedin, are more for business to business.

SocialWise Media Group will feature a new Youtube series called Ini's Insights. Ini's Insights will feature commonly asked questions about Social Media and small business marketing, and provide answers companies can implement quickly. If you or your company would like to be featured, contact SocialWise Media Group at


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