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New Yorkers warm up to color trends for 2012

This season, attempt to picture Daisy Buchanan vacationing in an underwater kingdom. Although we all know Daisy wouldn’t be caught dead with pruny skin, it’s easy to picture her lounging in the Hamptons sipping a martini, or (more believably) a Long Island ice tea. There is so much appeal to be had in this season’s runways collections that even New York stylists are wondering where the designers real motivation stands. Could it be the simple effect of this year’s up and coming ‘The Great Gatsby,’ or is it an offspring, an opportunity to comment on our global economic upheaval.

Romantic color trends and feminine fabrics stole the runway last year in New York for Spring 2012. Now its time for shoppers to incorporate the trends into their wardrobe!
Sp 2012 Fashion Week
Soft nuetrals and pale color combinations worked the runway for SP 2012
Chloe Sping 2012

In one word, the runways in New york hosted a plentiful celebration of color trends that can be translated into a common thread - romance; in all of iots glory, with all of the ethereal thoughts and exciting endeavors that go along with it. Romance for a better time, of a time when money was free flowing, the middle class women were rebelling and everyone was dressed to the nines.

At My Image Expert, we believe that no matter how creative or romantic your outfit is, color is the most important tool. Below you will find a simple layout of the color trends that are here to stay for spring 2012. So when you are shopping the streets in Soho or strutting your swag down 5th avenue, remmeber to incorporate some of trendy colors from the window displays into your cirrent wardorbe. Don't be afraid of a litttle bit of color and of course, use it sparingly. You dont to wear so much color that you give spmeone a seizer!



Pale pinks and white cutouts are back and in full force this season and, in all honesty, it’s quite a nice change from the florals we’ve been bombarded with the past few S/S seasons. The few florals we do see from collection houses such as Louis Vuitton and Valentino are done in an inventive way with cut outs and appliqués. You will also see a lot of pastels, creams and bright whites.


Glamorous or gaudy, metallics are one of those materials that teeter on the point of no return. Metallics, like brights draw a lot of attention to whatever area it covers. As New York fashion consultants we always want to make it as easy as possible for our clients to use and reuse the items they spend their valuable money on. In addition, because metallics are so in and out of style, this is one area we would suggest keeping to a minimum. A more tasteful option would be to incorporate some metallic accessories such as Alejandro Ingelmo’s Metallic Heels or Alexander McQueen’s Metallic Lace Cuff.


If the ocean theme wasn’t apparent enough we can surely see it in the designer’s color choices. These two colors are running rampant in clothing stores right now and happen to be two colors that work well on most skintones. Brights, like pastels should be used sparingly unless purposely creating an All-or-Nothing look. Our New York Image Consultants can help you discover if you are a cool or warm toned person. A small detail that makes the biggest of differences. See Brighter Days in 2012 (Hyperlink) for more ideas on how to style yourself in brights this season.


Some designs this year took the ocean theme a bit too far, with over the top waves and exaggerated mermaid skirts. Make sure to watch what area you place these details. It can help or hurt your cause by either camouflaging or exaggerating an area of your body. There are simple tips and tricks to be learned about size of ruffles and placement that your local personal stylist can help you with. Last word of warning, the mermaid tail should be kept to black tie events and nothing else. Please and thank you, leave the 80’s in the past.

For more information or for a personal image consultation or personal fashion consultation contact one of our Image Consultants at MyImage

Special thanks to fashion consultant Brooke Brazil


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