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New York Times editorial page mocks a Chicago son's "hypothetical" defense of his mother



  • Matt G 5 years ago

    There are 13,400 sworn police officers in Chicago. Sounds like a LOT, doesn't it? But then consider that the population of Chicago proper is 2.8 million people (greater Chicago metropolitan area is 9.7M.). Then, too, realize that only about a quarter of those officers are on duty at any given time, and you end up with a ratio of one officer for evey 836 people. Then consider that a lot of those sworn officers are detectives and supervisors who don't patrol. But if we ignore that, and pretend that the chief and the captains and the deputy chiefs and the superintendants all get out and patrol, you get about a 1 : 836 ratio

  • Matt G 5 years ago

    Here's the fact, coming from a patrol officer who's given this some study to get a graduate degree in criminal justice: Police VERY RARELY interupt crimes in progress. Police are out patrolling mostly so that they can see things developing, and so that they can be in the neighborhood to respond when something does happen. That is, we are reactive. Laughing it off and telling Mom to just call the cops on a situation that may very well never happen, but which is likely enough to make her scared about it, is the kind of insensitivity that makes me wonder if the author of such a comment ever had a mother. As the officer who must make the decision between trying to justify his camping out at this ONE house for more than a few minutes longer, or patrolling for the other 835 people on my beat*, I can tell you that it would seem like the best idea is to make sure that someone in the house could take care of Mama. __________
    *FWIW, Chicago has one of the best ratios of cops. I'm at 1:4000 here

  • Don Gwinn, Chicago Gun Rights Examiner 5 years ago

    That's what they claim . . . I don't know if you get a chance to read Second City Cop much, but they claim that Chicago is actually at much lower strength than the department officially claims. They speak of ranges from 9,000 to 10,000 sworn!

  • MamaLiberty 5 years ago

    Matt G , bless you! Maybe you'd like to consider coming to Wyoming. You're the sort of PEACE OFFICER we like out here. We don't have gangs, or much crime at all, actually. Most of us are armed, and we know how to use them. Seems the criminals understand that and look for easier victims.

    Might be a tad boring... but you never know - you might come to enjoy it. :)

  • Defender 5 years ago

    The cities are hurting as never before. When they say "Let us handle it" and then can't or won't, it is up to the individual to be prepared to protect self and loved ones. Are you more afraid of a fine or jail time than you are of seeing those you care about killed horribly? No victim of violence expected to die that day, or they would have been elsewhere. Any time, any place, human beings have the right to repel aggression. Even aggression perpetrated by their government.

  • wally 5 years ago

    You can't talk any sense to the Anti-gun people because the common people don't seem to understand that by the time you call the police ' something bad has already happened to you ' and the police can't protect you from something that has already happened to you ( no one can ! ).And the upper echelon of the anti-gun people don't give a sweet $hit what happens to you because with them its a ' CONTROL THING ' and they are lying to you because they want total control !

  • Freeman III 5 years ago

    Typical attitude of those who live in Ivory towers.

    Try taking a stroll through any 'hood' around 11pmish to really see what is up. If you survive without the use of a firearm, you'll probably be packing next time.

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