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New York Times censors Coach John Wooden's 7-point creed



  • M.Bastke 6 years ago

    Shame on the New York Times. If they don't believe God and the Bible, which is His message of hope and help to humanity, then why are they afraid to put John Wooden's direct quote into print. Their omission shows they ARE disturbed by a reference to a God they fear....and fear they should. He is our judge or our Father. It is a choice.

  • Farmer Tom 6 years ago

    Good catch, and I called the NYT's ombudsman on it-- let's see if they correct the original piece!

  • Font 2 years ago

    Just more censorship from mainstream media...Gone are the days when real news organizations existed and reported the facts...We have come to expect the liberal spin as you so vividly illustrate above...

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