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New York surgeon accused of slapping butts of patients knocked out for surgery

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A surgeon is accused of often slapping his patients on the rear end after they were under anesthesia and right before they went under his knife. While he slapped their buttocks he also had the tendency to insult the patients who were not aware of this because they were knocked out ready for surgery, reports ABC News on April 7.

These slaps often left red marks and even hand prints on the bottoms of the people who were about to undergo a hip replacement. Federal investigators were contacted in January when a complaint was filed with the state health department.

The orthopedic surgeon accused of these odd behaviors is Michael Clarke, whose specialty is hip replacements. The hospital where he works also faces sanctions over his behavior. They are in jeopardy of losing the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center is the facility where the doctor is accused of performing these actions. The basis for the federal report in this matter were the findings of the state health department’s investigation. The hospital could be in some trouble for letting this go on without reporting the doctor's actions.

The surgeon is also accused of using some very graphic words while in the operating room. Along with the foul language he also had a habit of calling patients fat and commenting on the way they looked. This made others in the operating room uncomfortable.

Clarke said that he would slap the patients to make sure the anesthesia was working, but the medical staff working with him said they have never seen another doctor do this.The attorney for Clarke conveys that his client denies wrongdoing in this case.