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New York State woman charged with starving her horses to death

The dead horse found in the barn had been living in a manure filled stall with no water or food.
The dead horse found in the barn had been living in a manure filled stall with no water or food.

Christine Mulcahy, 23, of Fairport, was indicted on Thursday in the deaths of her two horses for not providing food, water, and shelter reports Rochester. Necropsy results from Cornell University determined the horses named Stormie and Gunner died of starvation.

Wayne County Sheriff's deputies made the gruesome discovery last week while searching for a missing person. Authorities thought the barn had been abandoned, but when they entered, they found a dead horse in a manure filled stall with no bedding, food, or water. Another dead horse was found lying in a nearby field.

Mulcahy told authorities she loved her horses but was unable to care for them. Wayne County District Attorney Rick Healy stated,

"I don’t accept that, and I don’t buy that statement."

Responsible horse ownership involves the purchase of hay, grain, and bedding. Farrier services are needed every six weeks, dental work may be required annually, and vaccinations can be as often as every few months. Then there are the buckets, halters, saddles, and blankets needed. While considering if horse ownership is a fitter, one must also keep in mind the expenses incurred if the horse gets sick; colic treatment and/or surgery can run into thousands of dollars.

According to, a third starving horse was found, but is expected to recover.

Mulcahy has had previous charges of starving horses dating back two years. She has pleaded not guilty. If found guilty, Mulcahy could face two years in jail.

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