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New York’s ban on seflies with tigers

New York ( – State legislators unanimously rolled out shocking news that it will ban selfies with tigers. The move was lead by Manhattan’s Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal that has proposed the legislation to the assembly, and it passed. It is an attempt to protect the public by making it illegal for county fairs and circuses to allow patrons to pose with an endangered species. “They can still pose with bears and monkeys. They just have to take cats off their list,” Rosenthal has told The New York Post. She also proposed that there be a fine for those that pose of $500.00 for the outlandish behavior of getting up close and cozy with the tigers, and click a picture.

Men snuggling next to a tiger in a cage.

The passing of the maniacal bill is in the hopes that it will fadeout the craziest fad ever that has been seen as the weirdest explosion in every love connection site, and to protect New Yorkers from escaped tigers, oh my. The men posing with tigers are hoping to rope in a tigress or two, and a serious relationship can lead to cubs too. The whimsical fad has become so popular that there is a Tumlr blog dedicated with images that is cutely named “Tinder Guys with Tigers”.

However what the Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal didn’t take into account is that bears and monkeys are far more dangerous. On April 1, 2004 a 450 pound a male white Bengal tiger named Apollo escaped his circus’s cage and five people suffered minor injures in a car collision after seeing the cat crossing the road, as the cat roamed Forest Park in Queens for several hours. The tiger was safely captured and the extremely ferocious beast injured not one person.

There have been more bear incidents in the US than captive tiger attacks. The best bet is for everyone to pose with teeny-monkeys, you think? Think again, those can also pose a threat, recalling Charla Nash in 2009 incident when a chimpanzee owned by a close friend mauled her. Ms. Nash lost both hands and her face was mutilated, today she is still undergoing surgery. The last known Black Bear attack was on May 7, 2014, when on a routine check of the North Steepbank, Ms. Lorna Weafer a Suncor worker startled a predatory bear, and was attacked. In 2000 there was a record breaking 29 deaths caused by bears. Now, posing with a monkey or a bear might not seem like glamorously cool thing for many, after all there is no tough macho gratification there. But, it can be much more dangerous for you, if the thrill of danger is what you are seeking. Than posing with a declawed fangless tranquilized big cat.

The animals that Rosenthal is proposing that these thrill seekers pose with are just as dangers as the big cats that she feels is more of a threat. What many are not aware of is the mental anguish those exotic creatures are put through, it is just unimaginably amazing. It is a topic that hasn’t been acknowledged as these groupies pose with those animals. Having your picture taken with an endangered animal is the dot in “cruelty”. Some of you might admire the big cats beauty as they are locked in a small cage pacing back and forth. Boredom surely runs across the tiger’s eyes. We do not care to think what is that they are thinking, what thoughts can possibly go through their captive minds. Yes, they might dream of you as their next meal.

If you would really like to make a difference in a big cats life then please visit Learn what they will not teach as you pose with that tiger.

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