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New York pet sitter distracted and leaves two dogs in hot car to die

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Cody and Lola, two senior dogs belonging to Sandi Maddock of Warwick, New York are dead because her pet sitter forgot the dogs were in the car after she returned home from a shopping trip last week reported the

Cody, an 11-year-old rescued Westie and American Eskimo mix and Lola, a 15-year-old Jack Russell and poodle mix were in the care of pet sitter Nancy Evans while Maddock went to work on July 21. After Evans went shopping and returned home to carry in her shopping bags, she became distracted and forgot the dogs were in the vehicle. Temperatures that day on the outside were in the mid-80s.

Maddock has declined to press charges against Evans stating that the woman had been struggling and had taken care of the dogs in the past. Maddock, a psychologist told authorities, the sitter apologized and took full responsibility.

Although authorities admit it is very difficult to pursue animal cruelty charges without Maddock making a complaint, the Warwick Valley Humane Society and the Orange County District Attorney's office are still investigating. If found guilty of leaving a pet in the car without ventilation, Evans could face misdemeanor animal cruelty charges with a maximum jail sentence of a year and a $100 fine.

We are so sorry Cody and Lola. May you two rest in peace.

Death by heat exposure and suffocation in vehicles is 100% avoidable. It's summertime folks; leave your pets at home in the air-conditioned comfort or in the cool shade where they have plenty of water. Our animals depend on us for their well-being. Don't make them a tragic statistic.

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