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New York Mets star Curtis Granderson talks the importance of drinking water

New York Mets star Curtis Granderson talks the importance of drinking water
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New York Mets star Curtis Granderson teamed up with Aquafina for the “Pledge. Drink. Win!” campaign. The campaign encourages people to drink more water. Today on May 11, 2014, we are excited to share our exclusive interview with Curtis. He shares tips on staying in shape, eating healthy and more!

How did this partnership with Aquafina come about?

Curtis: It didn’t start this way, but it's amazing how it came together. In 2010 I had an injury and later found out I was dehydrated as well and learned I could have prevented it if I learned some basic things like drink some more water. From that moment I constantly had water with me and brought it to the stadium and even once I got home, the water I was always having was Aquafina so that kind of linked in and got out. What they’re trying to do not only with the First Lady for the “Drink Up” campaign, but the “Pledge. Drink.Win!” winners to come to the All Star game in Minnesota this July you know it’s a combination of things that linked up together. That's the reason why water is all around me.

Why was this campaign important for you to be a part of?

Curtis: The idea of encouraging over a million people to do it ... people just forget like "Wow, I didn’t have water today." I hear those comments constantly so to encourage and show the benefits of it. Water is great for your skin. As everybody says your body is made up of seventy percent of water why not put that back in. So all those things are great to have and show the importance of why you need to have as much water as you can.

How do you stay healthy with your eating? As an athlete I’m sure it’s hard.

Curtis: It is difficult because our travel schedule is off our games - our times that we eat. A lot of challenges that any individual who has long workdays when you travel are things that become issues for anybody. The first thing you can do is one, pack things that are healthy and bring them with you. Second ask restaurants to cut your food in half. Eat in moderation. Water minimizes your intake in solid foods. So water always helps.

How do you stay in shape off-season?

Curtis: The biggest thing is to get up and do it. That’s why I like to start my workouts in the mornings that way I have the rest of the day to do whatever I want. It also gives your more energy for the day. Whatever’s comfortable for you that is all that matters. There are always little things you can do. Parking the car far away and walking is one of them.

What is your favorite part about being on season?

Curtis: Everyone said this is a negative but I would have to say is travel. I get the chance to go to a bunch of great cities throughout the states. I have a lot of friends relocated and now I get to visit them so I love that part. Those people say hey I want to see you and now they can and I can visit family and friends.

Anyone that signs up for the pledge will automatically be entered for a chance to win a VIP experience at the 2014 MLB All-Star Game in July. Three grand prize winners will be chosen.

Brianna Bicking contributed reporting.

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