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New York man pleads guilty to smuggling nearly 40,000 pirahnas into America

CNN reports a fishy story about a New York City man named Joel Rakower, who is in trouble for smuggling nearly 40,000 deadly piranhas into America. On Wednesday, Rakower plead guilty to trafficking illegal wildlife, fish, and plants. His company will be on probation for two years, and Rakower will have to repay $70,000 in restitution. The court will sentence Rakower in April.

New York man pleads guilty to smuggling nearly 40,000 pirahnas into America.

From 2011-2012, Rakower’s company bought piranhas from a Hong Kong supplier, which he falsely labeled the piranha as tetras, which can be found in any local pet store.

The piranha is a far cry from a passive tetra. The piranha is a fresh water fish that originates from South America. The piranha is a deadly fish that eats meat. New York laws ban the sale and distribution of the fish. The piranha is banned in more than twenty different states because it is considered territorial, aggressive and dangerous.

Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said that Rakower ignored the law and public safety in a failed attempt to benefit from his crimes.Read the full details of this fish tale at the CNN website.

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