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New York man is beheaded after crashing into the back of a flatbed truck

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NBC New York reported today that Leroy Samuel, a 22-year-old Brooklyn man was beheaded after trying to elude a police officer. On Wednesday, a New York foot patrol officer approached Samuel about a potential traffic violation. For unknown reasons, Samuel decided to flee the scene in his 2003 Black four-door Infiniti sedan.

The New York Daily news reported that Hamid Mateen, 36, witnessed the accident. Mateen said Samuel and his passenger slammed into the back of a stopped flatbed truck on Brooklyn’s Gowanus Expressway. He said that after authorities had separated the Infiniti from the truck, he saw a headless body leaning back in the seat, and estimated Samuel was driving at a high-speed before the fatal accident. It is believed Samuel may have exceeded 70 m.p.h.

Also, Mateen saw a woman limp from the passenger side after the crash. Although Mateen said he saw a police pursuit, NYPD disputed this and said the incident did not involve a police chase. They confirmed a foot patrol officer tried to stop Samuel at Hicks Avenue and Atlantic Avenue before the accident.

Joseph Vega, 59, another witness, said Samuel tried to avoid the truck, but hit the right side. He saw the accident while riding his bike to work. He said the female passenger was covered in blood and screaming. Vega and the flatbed truck driver both approached the car to offer help. Unfortunately, Vega said nothing could be done because Samuel was already deceased.

NYPD confirmed the unnamed female passenger was Samuel’s girlfriend. She was taken to Bellevue Hospital for neck and back pain. The Brian Lehrer radio Show reports that Samuel is the 112th person in New York City to die in a traffic accident in 2014. Before Samuel’s death, Steven Frosch, 43, died in Queens after a city street sweeper struck him.



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