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New York jogger saves cat weighed down with rock in pet carrier from drowning

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The timing was perfect for Chance's ultimate rescue; another cat who had to use one of his nine lives, however a runner named Matthew Guidarelli of Bethlehem, N.Y. certainly intervened at the very nick of time reported

Last week, Guidarelli was jogging along Norman's Kill in Slingerlands, N.Y., a 45 mile long creek, when he came to a footbridge and thought he heard an animal cry. Just as a pet carrier was slowly sinking to the bottom of the water, Guidarelli jumped into the creek and grabbed the handle.

To the runner's surprise, the carrier was quite heavy, and when he looked inside, he found a very large cat and a very large rock. Obviously whoever threw the cat into the water, had no intentions of the cat ever escaping his death trap.

Let's just agree that Chance definitely has an angel watching over him. The Great Animal Rescue Chase and Harmony Fund tells us that Chance is a wonderful cat and loves to be brushed and rubbed on his belly. And yes, Chance, the lucky tabby, has already been placed in a new home where he is receiving the best care life can offer one very lucky feline.

No one knows why Chance was the victim of cruel treatment. The Albany Police are investigating and hope someone can identify the neon pink sticker on the side of the carrier, (possibly from a vet office) which could lead to the identity of the cat's owner.

You're a hero Matthew. Thank you so much.

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