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New York Jets suspend Dimitri Patterson after disappearance from team

Dimitri Patterson on the Miami Dolphins
Dimitri Patterson on the Miami Dolphins
Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images

The New York Jets announced on Monday that cornerback Dimitri Patterson was suspended indefinitely by the team. According to, the Jets are trying to figure out what happened to Patterson, and why he missed Friday’s game with the New York Giants.

According to the Jets official Twitter account, general manager John Idzik wants to gather as much information as he can before making a decision on Patterson’s future.

For all of the years Rex Ryan has been involved in pro football, he’s never dealt with this type of situation before. Most of the time, players tend to make it to the game, so the act of missing the contest is plain bizarre.

There are some questions that need to be answered and quickly if this situation is to be resolved. For one thing, is Dimitri Patterson committed to playing for the Jets in the long term?

If the Jets players and coaches can’t trust Dimitri Patterson, how will they be able to play with him in the lineup? notes that Idzik believes that the suspension will be a brief one. Apparently, Patterson was struggling with a calf injury, according to Rex Ryan. However, the absence from the team is still inexcusable.

Dimitri Patterson did make a sighting via twitter when he sent a text message to Josina Anderson on Monday. Anderson sent out a text reporting that Patterson was alive, and his thoughts on the whole situation. According to Josina Anderson, stated “Yes, I’m ok and I’m not going AWOL either. Comical.”

Although it may be a laughing matter to Patterson, it’s definitely not anything to joke about if you’re the New York Jets.

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