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New York Jets fan buys the infamous Mark Sanchez 'butt fumble' jersey

On Sunday, ESPN sports reported the “infamous butt fumble jersey” previously worn by NFL quarterback Mark Sanchez is officially off the market. A diehard New York Jets fan named Jake Hendrickson bought the item through an auction for $820.

Former New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez.
Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Hendrickson said he had to have it once he learned it was up for grabs. The scene of the infamous butt fumble play occurred in front of millions of NFL fans on Thanksgiving of 2012. Thanksgiving is a traditional NFL holiday that showcases at least three games. During a Thanksgiving game in 2012, the New England Patriots destroyed the Jets 49-19. To make matters worse, Sanchez blew up a play after he ran into the backside of teammate guard Brandon Moore. After the ball had popped loose, the Patriots recovered the fumble and turned it into a touchdown.

Sanchez will most likely spend the rest of his career known as the “butt fumble” guy. The play is a social media favorite. Viewers can find the clip on Youtube.

Hendrickson told Yahoo Sports he will either hang it on his wall until the Jets can win another Superbowl, or he can get enough cash to launch it into space. He said the jersey doesn’t belong on this planet anymore. Most likely, the latter may be the most sensible choice, because the Jets haven’t won a Superbowl since January 12, 1969 when they defeated the heavily favored then Baltimore Colts 16-7.

Sanchez played his final season with the Jets in 2013 after he suffered an injury during a preseason victory over the New York Giants. Rookie Geno Smith then replaced Sanchez as the team’s future starting quarterback.

After the Jets had released Sanchez on March 21, 2014, the Philadelphia Eagles signed him on March 29, 2014. Although Sanchez guided the Jets to back-to-back championships early in his career, NFL teams easily forget past accomplishments. Most likely, his new career will include holding a clipboard and keeping a seat on the bench. In 62 career starts, Sanchez has thrown 68 touchdowns, 69 interceptions and passed for 12,092 yards.

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