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New York health department is investigating the death of Joan Rivers

Comedian Joan Rivers has died at 81 years old. The New York Times reported on Sept. 4, 2014 she died one week after she lost consciousness at an outpatient surgery clinic located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The New York State Health Department has since opened up an investigation of her death.

Joan Rivers promoting 'Diary Of A Mad Diva' at Bookends Bookstore
Joan Rivers promoting 'Diary Of A Mad Diva' at Bookends Bookstore
Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Rivers went to the Yorkville Endoscopy clinic on East 93rd Street in New York for a minor procedure which involved her vocal cords when something suddenly went wrong. At about 9:40 a.m on Aug. 28 emergency medical workers responded to a 911 call from the clinic. Rivers was found in an unconscious state and in cardiac arrest. She was than taken to Mount Sinai Hospital. New York Health Department spokeswoman Monica Mahaffey has said this matter is being investigated.

Rivers was being maintained on life support when she died at New York's Mount Sinai Hospital at 81 years old reports Fox News. Her daughter Melissa Rivers said it was with great sadness that she announced the death of her mother, Joan Rivers. Rivers passed away peacefully with family and close friends by her side.

Rivers at first entered show business with the dream of a theatrical career. However, she found herself in comedy when money came her way from her humor. She once said somebody told her she could earn six dollars standing up in a club and she found herself attracted to comedy with feelings this was better than typing all day. Rivers will be missed by family, friends and fans alike.