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New York Haunts

Big Moose lake
Big Moose lake

New York has some places that are reported to be haunted but whether they are truly haunted or not, is just pure speculation. These paranormal occurrences, are all based upon the accounts, rumors and stories told by visitors who claim to have been at each of these locations and witnessed such ghostly events .

Amityville house: 112 (changed to 108) Ocean Avenue, Amityville; New York; Is the scene of a tragic mass murder that the son of a family residing there, Ronald Defeo.Jr. carried out on November 13, 1974. Some time after the grisly murders, a family moved into the home claiming paranormal events had occurred while they resided there. They moved out after only 28 days. Later, a bestselling book and a movie came out both titled, 'The Amityville Horror" which was suppose to recount the haunting experiences that the family who lived there encountered. Many thought the story was fabricated, though the family stands firmly on their experiences there, that Amityville is indeed very haunted.

The Big Moose Lake; Grace Brown, was murdered near the cabin she was staying in, by a man named, Chester Gillette. It was the tragic murder of her by drowning that causes her restless, grief stricken spirit to roam the area. Her apparition has been seen by many, as wandering aimlessly both inside and outside of the Covewood Lodge. She has also been sighted in the lake reenacting her frightening drowning and murder. Many visitors claim to have seen her face staring up at them from the water's depth and shiver with fear, as they feel unexplained cold, eerie chills that overwhelm them.

The New York State Capitol building in Albany, NY; is suppose to be haunted by the ghost of a night watchman, William Morris Hunt, who died in a 1911 fire. Other strange paranormal occurrences have been reported.

Cherry Hill, a 18th-century farm, manor house in southern Albany,NY; was the site of a murder in the year 1827, that led up to Albany's very last, public hanging which took place after a long and somewhat controversial, court trial. A eerie, unidentified ghost has been seen roaming the property. No one seems to know, whom it may be.

The Church of St. Barnabas in Irvington; Several apparitions of former occupants, have been encountered in the church. In the year 2000, unsuspecting workers installing a huge, new organ, sighted an apparition that frightened them so much so, they left the church in haste.

The Farnam Mansion in Oneida; The current owners of the mansion, did research into the haunting of both human and animal ghosts they had encountered, to see what they could find. They discovered that there was at least 7 deaths that occurred inside the residence, which very well may have led to the strange paranormal phenomena they encountered. Several paranormal, investigative teams from New York have been in the mansion, searching for evidence of a haunting and all claimed to have found it.

The SUNY Geneseo's Erie Hall dormitory: In 1985 the Erie Hall residents, encountered paranormal phenomena that seemed to stem around room C2D1 and a mischievous spirit the group named Tommy. A supposed photo of Tommy's spirit captured during this time, has floated around the internet and is titled, "Skeletal Image".The group that encountered this strange phenomena in 1985, stood firm revealing the haunting incident when revealing it to the public. Through the years following the event, it got the attention of the media, newspaper articles, films and in books. Erie Hall residents still to this day tell the story of what happened back in 1985 and swear Tommy is still there haunting Erie Hall.

Smith-Ely Mansion in Clyde; This current B&B is said to be haunted by its historic inhabitants from years past, but also a few more recent suicide victims. The attention draws in tourists who want to spend the night in this B&B , hoping for an encounter of the spiritual kind.

The Durand-Eastman Park on the waterfront in Irondequoit; A vigilante type apparition called the "White Lady", is said to roam the park and cliff below, both on foggy and clear nights, seeking out men only who cause a nuisance or harm to female park visitors. She has been said to attack any man who causes harm or is aggressive towards a woman. Women are never harassed by this ghostly lady. Story is, that her daughter was murdered by her boyfriend and she may be seeking revenge. Or perhaps, she is just trying to prevent such a gruesome event from happening to some other innocent woman walking in the park. Sometimes, she is sighted with two German