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New York hair stylist gives free haircuts to the homeless

Inspired to keep the synergy of giving, NYC hair artist gives 6 free hair cuts on Sunday
Inspired to keep the synergy of giving, NYC hair artist gives 6 free hair cuts on Sunday
Bustos Instagram account

Sunday is a day that Mark Bustos, a New York City hair artist, spends giving free haircuts to New York City’s homeless. Once he approaches a person, he told the Huffington Post, he wants to let them know his intentions by politely telling them, ‘I want to do something nice for you today.”

The stylist is known for his hair cutting skills in the NYC Chelsea area, and instead of resting on Sunday he dedicates that day to giving back. What inspired him to pay-it-forward? The Metro reported today that he took a trip to the Philippines in 2012. During Bustos’ time there he rented a chair from a local barber and gave haircuts to impoverished children. Those moments inspired him to continue giving; when he returned to the states he wanted to keep that synergy going by giving free haircuts to those who may not have the means to obtain one, but would appreciate one.

On Bustos Instagram account he has posted photos that capture the spirit of giving back. Regardless of reason and without judgement he takes time on his only day off each week, and gives out 6 free haircuts. His photos have captions that emulate the rewarding feelings some of his Sunday clients feel after the haircut, while some are about his own feelings received. Two weeks ago he posted a photo of himself giving a haircut to a complete stranger on the street and tagged it with #BeAwesomeToSomebody; the photo has more than 2,500 likes.

The hairstylist doesn’t just walk the streets with his scissors; he brings all the necessary accessories in an organized black case, which includes: combs, a cape, cordless clipper set, shaving cream, and shaving brushes. The charity given from this hairstylist is so transformative that some of his clients have asked where they could get a job next. Bustos, NYC’s inspiring hair artist, is really making a difference, and so far his instagram is getting ready to surpass 100,000 followers. In fact, his work has others proposing ways they can give back to the homeless in their own neighborhoods. Take a moment and check out the amazing photo documentary happening on his Instagram account.