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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to legalize medical marijuana

Pictured above is NY Governor Cuomo.
Pictured above is NY Governor Cuomo.
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

According to reports, New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo will announce this week he will allow the limited use of medical marijuana.

The news comes just a week after Colorado became the first state to legalize recreational use of the drug. The New York Times reported Saturday that, "It will allow just 20 hospitals across the state to prescribe marijuana to patients with cancer, glaucoma or other diseases that meet standards to be set by the New York State Department of Health...Mr. Cuomo voiced support for changing drug laws as recently as the 2013 legislative session, when he backed an initiative to decriminalize so-called open view possession of 15 grams or less. And though he said he remained opposed to medical marijuana, he indicated as late as April that he was keeping an open mind."

Reports indicate the move will be done via executive order.

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While the announcement falls short of any legalization of marijuana for recreational use, the state will join 20 other states who have already passed similar medical marijuana legalization laws.

But that hasn't stopped the conversation, which has become a strong nationwide issue since Colorado.

CNN's Crossfire website has had more than 13,000 responses to their question, "Should Marijuana Be Legal Nationwide?" So far, 84 percent of votes are for marijuana legalization, while only 16 percent are against.

Those who would like to vote can find the poll here.

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